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VIP Fitness Classes

Online Fitness and Dance Classes for our members

Not a member? Join in from £3 per class

A huge range of classes that change monthly

What is VIP Classes?

A weekly class in either fitness, flexibility or dance that is available FREE to our members.

Non members £3 per class.

Members can request or suggest classes they would like to see on the timetable. We open this up via Poll in our community Facebook group.

The class day and time changes weekly.

This class is online. So if you can't make it, you can sign up to the class and get a recording.


All members have access to these classes in our ON DEMAND portal on Team Up, anytime!

Yoga Mats
Fitness Equipment

How to Book

Some of the classes we teach for our VIP classes are:

Booty Sculpt Workout

HIIT Cardio

Body part specific conditioning

Dance conditioning

Abs Class

Stretch class

Pilates / Posture

Mini-Dance Class

What our members want!

Head on over to team up and book in!

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