So you finally decide to take the plunge and book your first ever pole class! You are both excited and nervous - you can;t wait to try it out, but also worry inside about everything from what to wear, will I be bad at it, what if I fall off, will people be nice in class? And probably so many more things! Ahhhh!!!

I remember my first pole class well - I was so scared to go, I even took my mum with me! (I was 18 years old, so not a baby, but still didn't want to go by myself). I remember walking into the room, and it was a private lesson, 10 years ago group pole dance classes were just not a thing! Now they're everywhere! There were 3 poles, close together, in a front room in a regular British Terrace house. The walls were girly, the curtains were...

I feel like the first blog post I write should be one with passion, and I can't think of anything I felt more passionate about than pole dance!

In 2009 I took my first ever pole dancing lesson - way before proper pole studios existed and talking about pole dance was strictly taboo! I was terrified of the thought of going to the gym, and had really gotten sick of home aerobics dvds... Even though I majorly fell in love with Aussie superchic Deanne Berry! It just wasn't enough.

I was so nervous about going to a class for the first time - and it was only a private lesson with my mum and I. I turned up at a little terraced house and was welcomed by this stunning pole instructor. That lesson was so intense I will never forget it! I thought I was going...

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