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Aerial Silks

Want to learn the art of the circus?

Then come to our Aerial Silk Classes.

Learn amazing tricks, drops and improve your strength!

Silks Classes

Our aerial silk classes are mixed ability

Instructor Maria teaches based on what her clients need. Each class will be fun, challenging and help you to progress with strength.

Silks is one of the toughest disciplines to start, you can start with no fitness or strength, but please bare in mind it may take a little longer to see the results.

Be patient, and enjoy the journey.

We often find some weeks will be better than others, and suddenly you will attend and just get the move you have struggled with!

Each class you will have a warm-up, shown some movements, combos or a sequence on the silk. Then some strength and conditioning for your upper body, abs and legs as needed. Followed by a cool down.

We recommend to wear leggings for class and to cover your belly and underarms as the silks can cause friction burn.

Your hands will be sore after the first few sessions, this will lessen as you progress.

Socks are not to be worn for safety.

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How To Book

To book into a class, you can purchase:

Monthly Membership £60

A 4 pack £75

Single Class £19.50

Try a Class £10

We do recommend starting at the beginning of term, you can see the dates here. But you can purchase a pack of classes or single session, anytime.

If you want to try before booking, you can attend any class on schedule for £10. Go to our schedule to find a class and book.

Follow the link below for our schedule on Team Up.

Aerial Silks Mixed Ability

Tuesdays at 6.30pm - 7.30pm

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