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Exotic Liquid Pole Dance

Our exotic pole classes are also know as Liquid Pole at Bewitched.

The style of dance we teach is mostly old school, low flow in heels.

Learn how to connect to your body through music, dance and flow to create mesmerising movement.


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We welcome you to wear what you feel most comfortable in. Whether it be a baggy trousers and hoodie kind of day in socks, a fun leggings and crop top, or the sexiest outfit alive – we are here for it all, no judgement!

What heel size? For beginners we recommend socks, and no more than 7 inch heels. (Best to start 6.5 inches). Then move up to higher heels as you feel more comfortable and stable.

Most classes you will start in socks to learn and then wear heels after understanding the movement.

A note for beginners:

this style of dance is a lot harder than it looks. It can be frustrating to be unable to move or ‘get’ how to do it at first. It takes months and years of regular training to become fluid and confident.


Be patient with yourself on your journey. We are here to support you as you learn and grow.

We have split our classes into beginner and advanced.

If you have never tried this style of dance before or have only ever done choreo classes then we highly recommend the beginners class.

1 Per Pole

£65 Per Month Starlet Membership

£20 Drop-in

£75 for 4 pack

Beginners / Improvers

Mondays at 8pm Tabitha

Fridays at 8pm with Hannah 

Improvers / Advanced

Tuesdays at 8.30pm - open to all with 6 months heels experience


Welcome all

No experience needed to join



with confidence


Love your body

discover your sexy side



is a skill you can develop

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