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Aerial silks instructor who has been learning for more than 3 years and trains regularly with a London based circus school. She also likes to train outdoors with her silks.


Hi, my name is Tabitha, the head pole dancer at Bewitched Pole Fitness. I first started pole dancing June 2009 and fell in love with this fantastic mix of dance and fitness! Before starting I could barely lift a 5kg weight for 5 reps of bicep curls, now I can easily lift my body and hold my own weight no problem.

I have learned many types of pole in my 12 years - pole fitness and hard tricks, spinning pole flow, exotic dance. I love them all - each gave me motivation, new goals and a love for my body and what it can do.

I am body positive - I have heled women to build strength, lose weight if they desire, but most importantly, to find self love. No matter your weight, it's important to know your body will change shape over your life. Loving you in whatever way your body is, is an act of rebellion against modern beauty standards - and will bring new meaning to your training. What can my body do? What performance or skill aspect can I train? Rather than focusing on weight, which can feel so negative and defeating.

I have competed in Body Building, won a Pro Card at Pure Elite and competed with the Pro's. Something a lot of people don't discuss is mental health in relation to this. My personal experience was not a good one post show - I enjoyed the prep, the show - the goal! But I really struggled with body image, self-hate, guilt, anxiety and a 3 year depression (which was compounded by lockdowns and personal circumstances).

Through CBT, seeking and training with spiritual teachers in pole dance and contortion, reaching out to friends and family, I found my path back towards a happier me. I gained 15kg during lockdowns, it made me unhappy. I asked WHY?? I can still pole like a badass, it doesn't stop me from being me. So now I walk with a new confidence. Not one from weight loss or muscle, but one from knowing I can achieve moves, tricks, dance and still be me, regardless of weight.

I wanted to share this so you know when you walk through our studio doors - we welcome all! Join us on your path to finding what makes you happy, find health through movement and performance and strength. Forget about obsessing over the scales for a while, let your brain obsess over that hard pole trick rather than why you can't fit in those jeans anymore.


I hope to pass on my infectious energy and enthusiasm for pole and dance. Help you to move into a new path of fitness and self-love, all whilst making new friends in our amazing Bewitched Community.


Our Studio

A beautiful custom studio.

7 poles

Static Spinning

Aerial Apparatus

Neon and flood lights spotlohts for mood

Lots of floor space

Bathroom with ammenities

Knock to enter


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Hannah teaches our Voluptuous Vixens class

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Bonnie teaches our Aerial Hoops Classes


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Claire is big yoga fan! Spiritual and connected to nature. Claire offers an earthly connection in her classes.

She currently assists and covers our pole classes, and will be teaching her own classes soon!

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