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Stretch Classes

Are you looking to improve your flexibility?

Want to get your splits or master a bridge?

Then come along to our stretch classes!

Open to All

Our flexibility classes are open to all to book.

You don't need any fitness or

flexy experience to join.

No matter if you are regular gym goer, pole dancer or simply want to improve flexibility, our classes will help you to reach your stretch goals to create a better range of mobility and flexibility.


Flexibility training is so good for your health!

​Dynamic stretching can increase blood flow and strength, allowing your muscles to function efficiently​.


Our current daily lives often involve excessive sitting, which can also slow down the metabolism and may cause postural issues in the neck, spine and hips. Regular stretching can help alleviate this, reset good posture and manage and prevent back and hip pain.

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What to Expect

Our classes are 1 hour long, and include a thorough  warm-up,  and activation exercises to switch on the correct muscles for stretching and support.

Conditioning exercises, dynamic and active flexibility stretches to improve range of movement - perfect for pole, dance and high intensity sports.

We encourage progress photos for your own personal journey, to see a difference from week 1 and week 4 every month!

Our classes run 2x per week, and alternate between splits and back bending. We provide mats and yoga blocks, feel free to bring your own.

Our splits classes focus on strengthening and opening the hip flexors, leg muscles and glutes to be able to get to front and box splits. We do rotational work in the hips to allow for better active range of movement.

Our back bending classes include a lot of active flexibility to strengthen the back and shoulders, allowing them to open safely and improve your posture. We work on a variety of elements like cobra, bridges, scorpion, chest stands - depending on our clients needs and goals.

Book A Class

Class times are:

Splits and Hips Class

Wednesdays 8-9pm

In Person and Online

Backbends and Shoulders Class

Thursdays 5.30pm - 6.30pm


Single Class £6.50

4 Pack £20

To book:

 find a class in the timetable below, create an account and select a suitable membership option to book in.

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