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Jan 01, 2020

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Oct 21, 2016

Celebrate 5 years of being open to the public with us!

Bewitched 5th Birthday Party

Not to be missed! A fun night of drinks, games and group battle of cards against humanity!

We have been open for 5 years in October! It's gone so fast, and been full of so many crazy and wonderful experiences.

From just 2 clients in our first course, to having nearly 80 people a week attend - this calls for one thing, and one thing only.... a party!!!

We will be charging £5 per head for this - will include games and nibbles. We have some super fun things planned followed by a group versus of cards against humanity. Winning group get a bottle of bubbles!

We will also have a raffle - £5 per strip of tickets. Win prizes such as a FREE private lesson, 50% discount voucher for a course or membership and 2x FREE drop-in classes like stretch or open pole and smaller gifts like grip and mini-bubbles/drink.

Bring your own drink please. Cups will be provided.

Of course we are off to Casino's after! We will try to organise a group table in VIP again.

We welcome all to attend who are over 18. Bring a friend along too! Also if you have not attended in a while, just come back and have a good night out with awesome people.

Oct 27, 2016

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Suicide Squad Haloween Pole Routine

In anticipation of Halloween and all things craaazy! I have created a weird and wonderful pole routine using 3 merged songs from the awesome Suicide Squad Album!


7.30pm - 9pm

Welcome all to book - I will tailor the routine to those attending. You get a pole all to yourself! No sharing! Which means more squad fun <3

1 1/2 hours for £25. Heels optional (not required, personal preference).

Nov 11, 2016

All the way from Australia to teach you flips, drops and crazy tricks!!!

Bethany Finlay Classes

Super excited to have one of my favourite polers all the way from Australia, here at Bewitched in November!!!

You do not want to miss this!!! 

~ Beg/int pole-nastics ~ £45 for 90 mins ~ 8.30pm - 10pm
This class is based on learning how to do basic versions of harder skills. Learn how to build muscle, flexibility and awareness on the pole when doing fast or complex combinations or skills

~ Advanced pole-nastics ~ £45 for 90 mins ~ 7 - 8.30pm
This class is built around learning dynamic pole skills such as a fonjis, shoulder roll over overs, releases and catches! 
All the fun scary stuff! As well as learning different grips and dead lift tricks and combinations 
(NOTE students must be able to twisted grip handspring and aerial shoulder mount)

Private lessons will be availible on request before the class. 5.30 - 6.30pm already gone. £75 (can be split between 2 people)

Bookings made will be entirely non-refundable, you can sell your space if you can no longer attend. 

To book:

Please create an account, and purchase a space 'pay later' and I will send you BACs info :)

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