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Terms and Conditions

This page sets out our terms and conditions for our classes.

Learn about our cancellation policy, COVID safe policy and general information about how we run our studio.

How to book

Payments, refunds, cancellations

What to wear?

Can I start?

Where to park?

Which class to book?


How to book?


Our classes run in 8 week terms. All classes run at the same time and day


If you are a beginner, you will stay at the same time and day for the entire term. Moving into intermediate, your class slot will change to low intermediate. We try to keep you at the same time and day, as we understand most book because the time works for them. As you get to mid intermediate you can move a little more freely between our intermediate classes.


If you are on shift work, we recommend booking using a 4 pack which expires at the end of term. See our term dates below:


We use Team Up for all of our class bookings. Payment is taken via this system via card. We do not accept cash payments or bank transfer.


All class registrations can be booked by selecting a class on our calendar via Team Up. It will then prompt you to purchase a membership. The membership options will include a single class option, 4 class pack or our monthly membership option.


If you sign up to a monthly membership mid-month. It will take the full month payment upfront, and it will be backdated manually by Tabitha to cover 1st to the end of the month. Each membership is a minimum sign up of 2 months to cover a full term.


Once you purchase a class or pack/membership, you need to book into each individual class – memberships are 1 per week (or 4 per month). Credits not used expire at the end of term. These will not be rolled over into the new term.

Payments, Refunds and Cancellations



Your membership will cover a full 8 week term in 2 payments on the 1st of each month. We do not offer refunds, or partial refunds for missed classes. You have a 6 hour cancellation window before your class to get a credit back to use in another class.

If you wish to cancel your single class – you have 6 hours to do so. Failure to do before this time will mean you will not be refunded or credited.


Membership cancellation – you have 2 weeks before the end of term to cancel via your team up account and to let Tabitha know in writing. This is so important for our small studio to stay afloat post lockdowns – the restrictions hit us hard! So this period really helps us to ensure we have enough class numbers to run. Failure to cancel in this time will mean you are automatically registered for the new term, and 2 more payments will be owed to cover our class costs.


Cancellation of a masterclass or workshop - non-refundable and you will owe full balance if you cancel within 1 week of the class. Deposits for these classes is non-refundable with no exception. You will need to sell your space to have money back.

Missing a lesson

If you miss a class, as long as you de-register on Team Up within 6 hours of the class time, you will get a credit back into your account. You can use this credit on another class, of a similar level. We do not allow cross-over for these credits – so if you do pole, you cannot jump in on exotic dance or silks. We do allow attendance in our stretch class if you prefer this option.

Private Tuition and Personal Training
Private sessions can be paid for in cash at the time of your lesson or in advance. Cancellations within 48 hours of your lesson are subject to pay the full amount. Cancellations before this time but will be fully refunded if already paid.

What to wear?


Pole Fitness: A vest top and a pair of shorts (although avoid denim as this can be restrictive) is all you need. This allows for maximum grip of the pole by your skin. We do recommend leggings and socks for winter! It can be cold in our studio until we get warm.

Exotic Pole: wear what you feel comfy in! Leggings, crop top and socks. Or bust our your sexiest outfit and badass pole heels and live your best life! We are here for it. Recommend sandals or boots for beginners no more than 7 inches - ideally 6 or 6 1/2. Then progress up when you have the skill, strength and confidence.

Please do not wear any lotion on the day of your lesson or jewellery as this can be dangerous. No jewellery on the hands or wrists.

Aerial Hoops: a pair of leggings and any top is fine. Most prefer a leotard over leggings, but a normal vest top or t-shirt is fine. A pair of over the knee high socks is also recommended for beginners to help give extra padding behind the knee, or knee pads.


Aerial Silks: you will need a non-shiny pair of leggings and preferred long or 3/4 sleeve leotard to cover skin to prevent silk burn. An ordinary leotard, vest top or tshirt is fine - but bear in mind you will be upside down, and leotards will not slip down.

Can I start pole fitness, aerial hoops and silks?


You are ready to start if you are aged 14 and above and of good health. You do not need to be strong or flexible before starting, you need no fitness or dance background to start lessons. Each lesson will have a light aerobic warm-up, some strength building exercises (particularly for upper body and core) and flexibility training.

Aerial silks, however, you will require a good basic strength before starting. We recommend having completed as a minimum beginner course in pole fitness. Aerial hoops and pole fitness are roughly similar in the beginning ability - if you wish to join a class it will simply be personal preference!

If you are unsure about your health and starting pole dancing, please contact me or seek medical advice.

Feeling nervous about starting? Most people who are starting a beginner’s course will be feeling exactly the same! It’s normal to feel this way, and we try to help put those nerves at ease the second you walk in with a warm welcome, and a fun class we know you will enjoy.

Where to park?

After 7pm, the bays on one side of the studio are free to park in. The other side is pay and display until 1am. Please check the parking signs for more details. You can also park free after 7pm on the single yellow lines.

We do not have any on site parking. We wish we did!

Which Class? / Can I book an intermediate or advanced if I have not done a beginners?


We recommend booking into our taster classes to try before booking into a term. Then for progression, we highly recommend booking the same day and time every week. Especially when learning the fundamentals.

In order to participate in the intermediate or advanced classes, you must have been assessed by an instructor, which can either be done during a private tuition class for £35 or you may attend a quiet class in the week for £17.50. Please send us a message to discuss this further.


Our pole fitness classes are tricks based – learn moves, build strength and then link moves. We also cover spin pole and occasionally low flow in socks.

Exotic Pole Dance is dance in heels – we do not teach tricks, but more how to move and initiate movement from your body and connect it to music. Beginners classes are technical and choreo to help build up your confidence and knowledge. Advanced class covers a wide range of advanced heels techniques like floating, glides/slides, level changes, edgework, prompt work, sequences and how to freestyle.

Hoops is perfect if you enjoy the circus art, and can feel more supportive for beginners.

Silks is a tougher start for newbies, but we have some fabulous moves that will build your grip strength and confidence to start moving higher up the silks.



We take the health and safety of our members very seriously. We have been following government guidelines to ensure best practice.

We encourage social distancing to prevent close contact spread where possible. Our instructors will be close if needed for support/spotting of difficult moves where risk of injury is great.

We do ask all students to sanitise there hands on entry or wash them in the sink with soap and water.

We provide every student for pole with their own fresh hand towel for wiping sweaty hands and their pole. And a small spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol spray to clean the pole as needed. We ask students to clean their poles before and after every class.

We encourage everyone who attends our studio to please take a lateral flow test on the day of your class to be extra safe. If you feel unwell, please stay at home, as any illness at the studio can have a huge financial impact on our instructors if they become unwell.

We are now sharing poles unless you are on a £65 membership for your own pole. There is still ample space to remain social distanced between uses and you can spray clean your pole between uses if you feel you need to.

As government guidelines update, we will follow them as directed.

2022 Term Dates

Term 1

3rd January - 27th February

(Beginners or new starters this will be from 10th January, in a 7 week term)


Term 2

28th February – 24th April

HOLIDAY BREAK 25th April – 1st May

Term 3

2nd May – 26th June


Term 4

27th June – 21st August


HOLIDAY BREAK 22nd August – 4th September


Term 5

5th September – 30th October

Term 6

31st October – 23rd December

HOLIDAY BREAK 24th December - 1st January

How to book
Payments, Refunds, Cancellations
What to wear?
Can I start classes?
Which Class to book?
Covid Safe
Where to park?
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