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Please see our prices below, we have a range of options!

To purchase a class or membership, see our Team Up timetable and look for a class.

Some memberships will need to be purchased through Tabitha.

From single classes, to memberships and class packs. All of our memberships and packs run based on Term time - you can see the term dates here.


  • Pay monthly on 1st each month

  • Lower class costs

  • Extra stretch classes and member open practice prices

Any packs or classes not used within the term will be lost. We do allow catch-up for missed classes where possible, subject to space availability, within term time. Must cancel via team up before 6 hours of your class to get credit back.


Single pole/liquid/silks £19.50

Open Practice Members £13 Non-members £15

Stretch Class £6.50

Group PT £15


All 4 packs must be used within 6 weeks of purchase

4 Pack pole/liquid/silks £75

Open Practice 4 Pack Members £45 non-members £50

Stretch 4 pack £20


Beginner Welcome Package £80 - 6x beginner classes + 1 free open practice + 2 free stretch classes

Starlet - 4x lessons per month + 1x free open practice 

£60 for pole fitness or silks 

£65 for liquid pole

Diva - 8x lessons per month + 1x free open practice + 1x free stretch class

£105 for pole fitness and/or silks

£115 for pole fitness/silks and liquid pole 

Goddess - 12x lessons per month + 2x free open practice + 1x free stretch class

£160 pole/silks/liquid

VIP options guarantee own pole and extra classes

Starlet £80 + additional stretch class

Diva £120/130 + additional open practice and stretch class

Goddess £180 + additional open practice and 2x stretch classes

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Need help? Not sure which pack?

Then drop us a message using the link below, someone will be in touch to help you choose a class and package for you.

Thanks for submitting!
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