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Open Practice

Come along to a 1 hour supervised class to practice what you have learned in class.

Booking Info

These classes are open to all to book.

Drop-in Members: £10

Drop-in Non-Members: £15

4 Pack Members: £35

4 Pack Non-members £50

(use pack within 6 weeks)

We do ask that students do not teach each other new movements. We do encourage helping each other out and sharing where appropriate.

This is not a class to teach yourself new moves off Instagram. If you would like to learn something, send it to an instructor and they will be happy to include it in a regular class.

The instructor will warm you up at the beginning, and then they will be available to assist you if required - please ask them in class. Cool down when you are finished at the end of class.

Saturdays at 11am - 12pm

Will resume in Jan 2024 due to maternity cover

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