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Welcome to Kent's most fun and friendly pole and aerial school!

We are Bewitched, offering pole dancing, aerial hoop and aerial silk lessons in Rochester and Chatham.

What makes Bewitched so good?

~ Elite level pole dancing offered by trained instructors

~Premium pole fitness classes

~ Luxury Private Studio with Beautiful lighting and Chaise Longue

~ We don't hold you back, we teach based on your experience


~ A private, custom made studio with 11ft poles!

~ 7 poles, spinning and static, brass and stainless steel

~ Fun, relaxed classes where you are made to feel welcome 


Membership packages to open up more training! 

~ Regular masterclasses with pole superstars

~ Rent our studio space from £20 an hour


~ Performance Opportunities

~ Social outings (dinners, drinks, shows and more!)

~ More fun classes! Exotic dance, Online Fitness class, Contortion training

What are you waiting for? Come and join our classes at Bewitched! 

Learn how to pole dance. We teach group classes from beginner - elite level.

Be taught by qualified and passionate instructors, and be part of our wonderful Bewitched Babes community.


Join our online classes to build strength, tone up and boost confidence.

Classes include:

Upper Body Strength, yoga, Booty Sculpt, Total Body Tone, HIIT cardio, Stretch, Pilates


Tabitha introduces her Exotic Dance classes. Focus on different elements of exotic dance to build confidence and sass.

Learn choreo, learn technique, be a badass.

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Learn at your own pace and have every lesson tailored specially for you. 

Great on top of regular classes or to learn in a one to one setting.

8 Week fitness Challenge!

Next launches 7th August 2020

- Meal Plans and Macros

- 8 week coaching modules in nutrition, training and mindset

- Workout programme

- Access to Online Classes

- Access to online community support

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Have a pole at home?

Our regular pole classes can be accessed from the comfort of your own home during corona virus.

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Instructor Alix
Instructor Amie

Taster Class

Taster Classes Announcement

Due to COVID-19 outbreak

We are limited on spaces

We are capping our classes to 1 person per pole

We do not have any group class openings until January 2021

What will I be shown in the taster?


Our regular warm-up which lasts around 5 minutes. 2 or 3 basic spins on the pole on static and spinny, followed by a cool down and stretch.


Am I able to take part? What if I'm too ... (fill in the blank)

Too big/weak/unfit/tall/short? Everyone is able to take part in pole fitness. We do not discriminate on weight, shape or size - we will help you to enjoy pole and all the fitness benefits it brings. Men are welcome at our classes provided that the classes are taken seriously. Our poles can take weight of 20 stone or more as they are bolted into the floor and ceiling; we encourage all sizes to join pole to have a workout that is fun and motivating. 


Nervous? We understand the nerves that come from going to a new class, especially pole! If you prefer, you may wear leggings and roll them up as needed for modesty. Even with no strength, within 4 weeks of beginning you will notice a difference in your ability. The one thing we encourage is to not give up before you've even tried - building strength takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. But the results are so worth it!


Still feeling nervous? Message us and we will get back to you with any advice you need, and a pep talk if you feel you want to come but need a little push! xxx


How to book?

Use the big pink button - this will take you to our booking page. Sign up to create a Team Up Account. From here you can easily book and pay for your Taster class under the classes TAB or the calendar TAB.


When will I get a confirmation?

Through our booking system, you will receive an auto generated email telling you all the details. Please check out our FAQ on what to wear and where to park.


The classes are loads of fun! I always feel welcome no matter which class I attend. The class buzz and atmosphere is amazing!

- Rose McMahon-Glazebrook

Student from Jan 2016

I always enjoy coming to my classes. Instructors are patient and always try to offer me an alternative when I struggle with a move. There's never any rush.

- Vikki Luff

Student since 2013 - current


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Bewitched Fitness

41 High Street, Chatham, ME4 4EN

Parking free on the road after 7pm - before pay and display

Call or Text: 07496211622

Email: bewitchedfitness@outlook.com

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