We have Online Classes

In Person Classes resume


  • Learn how to do the splits both forwards and box splits!

  • Increase back and shoulder flexibility

  • Improve your overall range of movement

  • Learn how to achieve deep flexibility moves like needle scale and over splits safely

  • Tone and strengthen your muscles to improve your flexibility

  • Learn how to stretch safely

  • Get personal advice and tips on how to improve

  • Relieve stress

  • Have fun in class, feel welcome

Perfect for complete beginners to advanced flexibility - we can monitor your progress and give you the guidance you need to become more flexible where you want it most!


Each class will contain a light warm-up, active isolated stretching to warm the muscles up further, classic stretching, yoga and contortion techniques, as well as using the pole, wall, yoga blocks and strap to get the most out of stretching! 


What to wear?

We highly recommend wearing warm clothing - to prevent muscles from getting cold, which makes them more prone to injury

Yoga pants or joggers, a loose top for comfort (t-shirt or flowy dance top)

Please bring your own Yoga mat, 2 blocks and a strap to class. Email Tabitha for recommendations.

FAQ and Cancellation

Please read our policies before booking. Thank you.

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Flexibility and Contortion