My First Pole Love

I feel like the first blog post I write should be one with passion, and I can't think of anything I felt more passionate about than pole dance!

In 2009 I took my first ever pole dancing lesson - way before proper pole studios existed and talking about pole dance was strictly taboo! I was terrified of the thought of going to the gym, and had really gotten sick of home aerobics dvds... Even though I majorly fell in love with Aussie superchic Deanne Berry! It just wasn't enough.

I was so nervous about going to a class for the first time - and it was only a private lesson with my mum and I. I turned up at a little terraced house and was welcomed by this stunning pole instructor. That lesson was so intense I will never forget it! I thought I was going to die after the warm-up! And way back before pole had 'levels' and fitness worked it's way in - on my first lesson we were shown to invert and reverse handstand walk to crucifix up the pole! Those of you who know me well would definately say a lesson like that is a bit of me - and it was! I couldn't wait to learn more! Especially enjoyed being unable to drive my car for a week I was so super sore!

Going to pole made me feel at ease and it allowed me to focus my ambition on achieving harder moves and getting my splits. Nothing motivated me more than the passion and encouragement from my instructor. I couldn't wait to show her my progress in splits, or that I finally got my cross-knee release at home without nearly killing myself! I was a bit kamikaze in my young pole days! Morality really hits you in your mid-20's.

I would often spend hours and hours watching amazing pole dancers on youtube - notable mentions include Pheonix Cane, Dirdy Birdy, Oona Kivela, Michelle Stanek, Natasha Wang and my ultimate favorite Jenyne Butterfly. She made inverts look effortless and could perform not only amazing feats of strength but flexibility too. This made me love pole even more! If you don't already have a handful of pole stars that you love - check some of mine out and browse the countless and amazing videos on youtube! When I loose my pole mojo, I just have to accept I won't be training for a few weeks, and then watch pole videos and I just get that same buzz - I want to try the moves they're doing!

Recalling some memorable pole videos - as tagged in the attached YouTube video - Jenyne Butterfly's slow and seductive pole routine on a crazy high pole! The music and the the atmosphere still give me goosebumps. I was first inspired to do very trixster type moves after watching Oona Kivela, insanely strong! And one of my pole idols Michelle Stanek - her winning US Pole Dance 2012 routine where she is like a panther is just beautifully choreographed. Every kick and head whip is on point! I want to get up and pole every time I watch it.

I know my instructor pushed me very hard, because I was ambitious but she could see my passion for pole. Aim big with your pole moves - want to achieve that Iron X or that flat Jade split... Why? Because it gives you a goal! A reason to do that 10th slow invert, that last press up, the 30 minute stretch while you watch TV. Find your pole passion and bloody use it!

I had so much passion for pole I have made it my career! I couldn't as for a better job, being able to add some beautiful pole sparkle into people's lives - to brighten their day after work and inspire you to keep fit and get stronger and chase those big, nemesis moves!

So what are you waiting for? Go find some extra pole inspiration and share what you find in class, on facebook and in your own training.