Get strong, be confident, look fantastic.

I'm Tabitha, I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry running a successful pole dance and aerial school, and performing at local events. I love planning my training around special events - to tone up and lose weight when needed, and balance this with my ongoing pole training.

My sessions are based online, with a variety of packs to choose from.

I can help you to:

  • Lose Fat

  • Tone Up

  • Get tailored meal plans and workouts

  • Be inspired and motivated

  • Join the Bewitched babes online community

  • Change your lifestyle habits and be healthy

  • Be confident and Sassy


See results in just 8 weeks!

It's no secret that results come from hard work, dedication and consistency. I can help you to achieve your training goals with nutrition advice and training programs tailored to you.

See my fitness website for more information on packs and when my next 8 week fitness Challenge starts!

My fitness journey

Why did I get into fitness? I absolutely hated school PE – the thought of another game of rounders was enough to just automatically know I would be writing lines again because I ‘forgot my kit’… again! I had no interest until my 2nd year of university (studied law), where someone pretty much accused me of looking pregnant due to my middle weight! From then I knew I had been lazy and care-free, and it was leading me in a spiral of unhealthy choices.


I started by using at home DVD aerobics, which did work, but lost their ‘fun’ factor after a while, I tried jogging, but after a being passed by a walking man 3 times while I attempted to jog with a ‘stitch’, I knew it wasn’t for me. I had bad posture and was always visiting the osteopath or chiropractor for help on my back pain. It wasn't until I corrected my posture with suitable training and stretching that my back pain went away completely, and now I only need to see my sports therapist for maintenance! Working out definitely has more benefits than just weight loss.

The thought of the gym felt absolutely terrifying. I thought I would look silly not knowing what I was doing and that everyone there would be fit and amazing. I was very wrong, but I turned my attention to pole dancing for fitness. I fell instantly in love and have never looked back. The class was private, fun and I felt like I worked really hard without even realizing. This love for pole lead me to open my open my own studio and continue training, into aerial hoops and silks as well!

In 2014 I finally plucked up the courage to see a personal trainer – it was the best thing I ever did! I was so nervous, I had never been to a gym (still!) and didn’t know what to expect. My trainer was so friendly and welcoming – instantly I was put at ease. He discussed my goals with me, and we developed a plan to succeed. It made me realize how much 1 person can really help you with your fitness. I think from then a small fire started, and has since become a roaring fire! Through this experience and teaching pole and aerial group and private classes for 7 years, I certainly now pride myself on making everyone feel welcome, un-judged and motivated to get and stay fit.

I know about the struggle of balancing a crazy work and home life schedule! When I left university with a 2:1 law degree, as much as I enjoyed my degree, I knew a 9-5 job wasn’t for me – I fell in love with fitness! I opened my pole studio in October 2011 and have never looked back (despite many a rough patch!).


As the years went on, and the dance studio grew, I began to wonder about my ability to work in a day job, I almost yearned to find out what it was like. In May 2015 I decided to accept an administrative role, full time! I found that, at first, balancing my business, training needs, social needs and work life was fine – initially. By 1 year later, I found that picture was completely different! I knew I had to follow my passion – fitness! And pass that passion onto other! But I certainly learned a lot, which I feel mean I have more empathy, compassion and understanding of people looking to enhance their fitness, but have to play a huge balancing act!

  • As winter hits, the tea and biscuits come out at work! I gained a lot of weight over a short amount of time, and this hit my confidence and home life hard.

  • Following this, it gave me the kick up the backside to examine my eating habits and why I was eating and what. I have since managed to bring myself back to a happy weight.

  • Training for yourself makes you feel good! Its amazing how spending time with a client or my own trainer at the time, could really boost my confidence and motivation.

  • Sometimes you just don’t have time! Its ok to admit this! But instead of feeling bad, promise to keep to your healthy eating, and missing your session won’t matter so much (even if you’ll really miss it!)

I studied for my personal training qualification summer 2016 and qualified in September 2016. I decided to leave my day job role and move go back into full time fitness – training clients at gyms, at the studio and even at the park.

In Summer 2017 I decided to put my fitness strength to the test! I started training Andy - owner of Evolution Gym in Ayelsford, and he told me I could pull a truck! So after 3 month of training, I participated in the August Charity truck pull where I successfully managed to pull an 8 tonne lorry truck 15 metres all by myself! This was a massive achievement! If you are looking for strength and muscle gain I can make you up a program to have you pulling trucks.

I am Pilates level 3 qualified - giving me even more amazing knowledge to help you improve your posture and core strength. 

The road to fitness is uncomfortable and full of crazy mis-haps which feel like they are trying to get in your way! With your own determination and my motivation, you can achieve your fitness goals. Be good to yourself and choose to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle – your body will thank you! No matter what your age, it is never too late to make that commitment. Join me for a few sessions and see the benefits getting out of your comfort zone can achieve!

I have enjoyed training with many different, top pole dancing professionals from all over the world, as well as developing my understanding of the human body and nutrition – how flexibility affects not only your workout potential, but also daily posture problems and back pain. I have developed a pole dancing syllabus with over 16 plus levels designed to boost your strength, continually challenge you, teach you new moves and exciting combinations as well as encourage weight loss through gradually more intense lessons.

My personal training sessions are designed to help you to lose weight and reach your fitness goals. I can share tasty recipes and give personal advice on your own eating habits. Each workout is tailored to you, to help you burn fat in boost your metabolism, and develop lean muscle (and ladies, that definitely doesn’t mean ‘manly muscles’ it means looking toned and feeling great).

My greatest fitness achievement this year has been competing in Bikini Fitness. I walked away from my first competition with 2nd Place Figure and 3rd Place Fitness, and also earning my pro card. Meaning I will be competing at professional level in competitions.