Mums and Bubs

Build a solid foundation in fitness

Find your inner confidence

Build new friendships

As a new mum, it can be really overwhelming to even think about getting back into fitness! 

So many questions, will the class be right for me, will it be too hard, is it going to be fun, can I bring my baby/toddler?

We are here to answer these questions!

These classes are a mix of fitness and pole dance, so you get the best of both worlds! Enjoy a fun class, taught by a fitness professional of over 10 years! 

You can bring your baby and connect with other new mums, forming new friendships and getting out of the house to enjoy something fun, friendly and to get you back on track.

These classes will boost your confidence, learn about your body, health and see that it's not as scary or bad as you think. You will laugh every session, and if you want to cry, cry! We are here to create a new support network, you can reach out anytime on our private facebook group Bewitched Mums and Bubs.

Run as 8 week courses during the day, and only available to mums. You can stay with this class as long as you need, and progress to another class only when you feel ready.

New Course September Wednesdays 11am

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