Meet The Instructors 



Hi, my name is Tabitha, the head pole dancer at Bewitched Pole Fitness. I first started pole dancing June 2009 and fell in love with this fantastic mix of dance and fitness! Before starting I could barely lift a 4kg weight, now I can fling my body and hold my own weight no problem! 

I loved pole fitness so much I trained as much as I could and progressed super-fast! I am always discovering new moves to try and want to push myself to be better at pole, and this is something I hope that I can share and motivate others with to get fit!

Pole dancing, aerial hoops and silks has made me feel more fit, confident and sexy; I hope to pass this confidence on to others.


Exercise to Music Level 2

Personal Trainer Level 3

Pilates Level 3 (in training)

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Pole Fitness with KT Coates

Aerial Hoop instructing for Beginners and intermediate with Spin City

Emergency First Aid at Work

NVQ Beauty level 2 and level 3 (massage) with Sports Therapy module

Pure Elite Pro

2nd Place Figure

3rd Place Fitness

Doubles pole routine with Leah Grace Kent at Grip! 2012
FIRST PLACE Winners of the Pole2Pole Doubles Cup 2012 with Sophie Rebecca
Doubles performance at charity event 'So you think you know pole?' 2012
Grip! 2013 group performance with ladies who have trained at Bewitched
Grip! 2013 doubles performance with Sophie Rebecca

Pole2Pole 2013 Professional Kent Heat - Winner 2nd Place

Rockesque 2014 Doubles performance with Sophie Rebecca

Grip! 2015 group routine with Bewitched ladies - Jungle book!

Cirquesque 2016 group routine with Amie Gordon and Bewitched ladies as Cats!

Grip 2016 - Doubles with Claire Bates

Circesque 2018 - Group dance enchantress

Top Professionals I have trained with:

- Triplex Bex (Amazing trick based pole dancer, owns Trixters)
- Daniel Rosen (Winner of numerous pole comp titles)
- Natasha Wang (International Pole Superstar and Pole Art Champion multiple years)
- Bendy Kate (UKPPC Elite Winner 2012 and Miss Pole UK Doubles Champion with Sarah Scott 2012, ISPF 2nd Place 2013)
- Kristina Walker (Winner and runner up of many UK and abroad competitions, performs regularly at shows, events and competitions)
- Tiffany Downes (Winner of many 2012 Titles including: International Doubles Championships, Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles)
- Dirdy Birdy - Youtube pole sensation who inspired me to keep working hard on the pole!
- Bethany Finlay (Miss Pole Dance Australia Battles Champion 2012, 1st Place Australian Pole Sports Championships 2013)

- Alex Schuhkin - International Pole Sports Federation Male Champion 2013 (among many other winning titles)

- Lisette Krol - Winner of International Pole Sports Doubles Championships 2013 and many other titles 

- Sarah Scott - Winner of Miss Pole UK 2012 and Miss Pole UK Doubles 2012 among many other titles

- Sam King - X-Pole representative, numerous competition winner. Mr Pole Fitness 2016

- Kristina Nekiya - Famous international contortionist. Learned some wonderful stretch and contortion teaching techniques.

- Pip and Eugene - world famous acro yoga partners learning techniques for basing and handstands

- Kitty Velour - gorgeous and sexy world famous stripper - learning to embrace the sexy side of pole!

- Oddette Johnson - amazing Kent TwerkOut teacher - learning to twerk!

- Sarah Blackmilk - super sexy amazing pole goddess!

- Shane Goldiman - master of cool flips and crazy tricks!


I've been dancing since age 4, covering styles from ballroom, to Irish, to street dance. I first tried pole in 2014 and fell in love with it straight away! Since then I've also taken up aerial hoop and silks which have all helped me to develop and improve my strength and flexibility.


I am qualified as a level 2 Exercise to Music fitness instructor. This plus my extensive dance background means I feel confident in teaching technical moves and choreography - making it easy to follow with lots of progression options.

I have trained my ratchet floorwork skills with Kitty Velour and twerked with Odette Johnson. My favourite part of pole is the dance aspect. I love putting moves together and creating combinations that flow, and I especially love doing this in my 8" stripper heels. I embrace its sexiness and encourage everyone to let out their dirty side.

The same goes for twerk, I aim for my students to feel relaxed and unapologetic about shaking their booties. I find both styles help with body and mental confidence as well as being great fun.


The main reason I wanted to start teaching was because of how friendly and supportive the pole community is. It has become my second family and the pole studio my home away from home. I hope to make others feel just as welcome and encouraged in coming to class whatever their personal goal.