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Floor Play

A floor based dance class where you will learn a mix of choreo, sequences, tricks and how to move to music.

What to Expect?

£10 drop-in

£35 4 pack of classes

Our floor dance classes are suitable for all levels. In class you will learn a new short choreography every week! Some weeks will build on previous choreo. There will also be freestyle elements that are structured so you can develop your skills.

Why join a floor dance class?

  • Build co-ordination (even if you have 2 left feet!)

  • Confidence

  • Have fun whilst working out - this class is great cardio!

  • Learn sassy choreo

  • Learn impressive technical floor tricks

  • Build new friendships in class and join our community

What to wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable to dance in. Leggings and a crop, or t-shirt. Or wear a sexy outfit!

We do recommend socks or heels as bare feet can be painful.

Kneepads are a must! (thick ones for learning, thinner ones for filming etc - Amazon OR Queen for Dance)

How to book?

Use the link below, it will take you to our schedule.

Look for Flirtatious Floor on the timetable and book a class using a suitable membership option.

Try your first class for just £5!

Thursdays at 8-9pm

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