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Aerial Silks

£130 for 8 weeks

Learn the art of the Circus

Hang from just your toes suspended in the air!

Learn fun and inspiring combos and sequences

Develop your strength and flexibility

We now only teach areal silks in group classes.

Aerial Silks (Taster and New Course Date)


Unfortunately due to Covid-19 regulations, we will be unable to run aerial classes again until we are able to share equipment. We are hopeful this will return sometime in 2021.

We apologise for any disappointment, believe me! We feel it too. Why not use this time to try something a bit different like pole, exotic or our online fitness classes.

Wo do offer private lessons in Aerial Hoops only ages 14 and up. Message us.

Please read our FAQ and Policies before booking.​

Keep the same day and time for all levels.

We cannot offer ANY refunds or class exchanges for missed lessons.